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Pierce County Map Gallery Notice

For all maps contained in Pierce County's Map Gallery, the information and data is approximate and is intended only to provide an indication of the presence of said information or data. Additional information and data that have not been mapped may be present.

Pierce County Map Disclaimer

1. Use of GIS Data or Maps

The County makes no warranty, expressed or implied, concerning the data's content, accuracy, currency or completeness, or concerning the results to be obtained from queries or use of the data or map. ALL DATA OR MAPS ARE EXPRESSLY PROVIDED "AS IS" AND "WITH ALL FAULTS". The County makes no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, and no representation as to the quality of any data or map. Users of data or map are responsible for ensuring the accuracy, currency and other qualities of all products (including maps, reports, displays and analysis) produced from or in connection with Pierce County's GIS data or maps. If a user informs others that a product is based upon Pierce County's data or maps, the County specifically requests and directs that the user also disclose the limitations contained in this paragraph and in paragraph 4.

2. Data Interpretation

Pierce County data and maps are developed and maintained solely for County business functions, and use or interpretation of data or maps by a user or others is the solely their responsibility. The County does not provide data interpretation services.

3. Spatial Accuracy

Map data can be plotted or represented at various scales other than the original source of the data. The user is responsible for adhering to industry standard mapping practices which specify that data utilized in a map or analysis, separately or in combination with other data or maps, will be produced at the largest scale common to all data sets.

4. No County Liability

Pierce County shall not be liable to the user for damages of any kind, including lost profits, lost savings or any other incidental or consequential damages relating to the providing of the data or the use of it. The User shall have no remedy at law or equity against the County in case the data or map provided is inaccurate, incomplete or otherwise defective in any way.

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