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Map Gallery uses plugins to print & print maps.
  • Adobe Acrobat (pdfs)
    Adobe Acrobat Reader is a widely used plugin to view and print documents (including maps).

  • LizardTech (sids)
    LizardTech's MrSid Plugin is great for viewing maps on line with zooming and panning capability.
Frequently Asked Questions:
These are some of the most frequently asked questions about Map Gallery.
  • How can I print a large map from a PDF using Adobe Acrobat?
    1. Open a PDF file.
    2. Click on Printer Button
    3. Click on the Properties button of the Printer Dialog.
    4. Click on the Advanced button.
    5. Finally, select your paper size in the Paper/Output Paper Size drop-down box.

  • How can I print only a small part of a PDF file?
    1. First, Open a PDF file.
    2. Using the Select Graphics Tool or the Snapshot tool select the area you want to print.
    3. Click the Printer Button
    4. Finally, Make sure the Expand Small Pages to Paper Size checkbox is checked. You should see a close up of your selected area in the preview box.
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