Mapping Files
File Extention pdf
Plugin URL
Description PDF's are useful for viewing and printing. They require the Adobe Acrobat plugin, but enable you to print at any size, print only the section you are interested in, and save to your local machine. They also feature tools that allow you to zoom, pan, rotate, search, and select text and graphics.
File Extention jpg
Description JPEG's are useful for viewing. You can insert a JPEG easily into web pages, Word documents, and Power Ppoint charts. Save by right clicking on the image and select 'Save Picture As...'
File Extention sid
Plugin URL
Description MrSID documents are useful for interactive viewing. They require Lizard Tech's MrSid plugin, but enable you to interactively pan and zoom viewing your area of interest. Right click on the map for zooming, panning, and other functions.