What Does This Mean?

Pierce County identifies landslide hazard area to protect human life; avoid property damage; and protect wetlands and critical habitat.

Explanation of Search Results:

Yes/Check The Contour means there is data to indicate the parcel is at possible risk for landslides.

No means there is no data to indicate the parcel is at risk for landslides. 

    How Does This Affect Me?

There are special land use requirements if a property is at risk of landslides.  Any development, encroachment, filling, clearing or grading, building structures, impervious surfaces, and vegetation removal shall be prohibited within active landslide hazard areas, except as specified by Title 18E.80.040.

Potential landslide hazard areas are determined using the following criteria:

    Where Can I Find More Information?

For more information on landslide hazard regulations, please check Title 18E (Chapter 18E.80 Landslide Hazard Areas).