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Drug Tips
Report Illegal Drug Activity in Pierce County
(Tacoma Residents Please Click Here To Enter Your Tip) or phone the Tacoma Police Department narcotics hotline at (253) 591-5971.

What type of activity are you reporting?
Meth Lab
Meth Dealer
Meth Precursor Purchase (i.e. chemicals purchased for the manufacturing of methamphetamine including psuedoephedrine)
Marijuana Grower
Marijuana Dealer
Heroin Cocaine/Crack Hallucinogens (Ecstasy/LSD/Mushrooms)
Illegal Pharmaceutical Dealing (Oxycodone/Percocet, etc.)

In what city or county is the illegal activity taking place?
If your city or county is not listed please contact that jurisdiction’s law enforcement agency with the information you wish to share.

What is the location of this activity? Please give us the exact address, if known. Otherwise provide a description that will help us locate the activity - like, "The third house south of First and Main on the west side of Main, a blue two-story house":

Who is involved?
 NameSexRaceApproximate Age
Person #1:
Person #2:
Anything else we should know about the people involved?

Please tell us about vehicles associated with this problem:
  License Number State Year, Color, Make, Model
Vehicle #1:
Vehicle #2:
Add any other vehicle information in the box below:

The following are additional things we need to know. Please select all that apply:
  • Are there children usually present in this location?
  • Yes No Not Sure
  • Any known guard-type animals present?
  • Yes No Not Sure
  • Any known booby traps or surveillance (hidden cameras, etc.) present?
  • Yes No Not Sure
  • Any known weapons?
  • Yes No Not Sure
  • Have you noticed excessive vehicular or pedestrian traffic to and from this location?
  • Yes No Not Sure
  • Have you observed any other criminal activity at this location?
  • Yes No Not Sure

    In the space below, please tell us why you believe illegal activity is on-going. Also, tell us more about any of the topics you checked above:

    Thank you for your help. While you may send this information anonymously, it can sometimes be invaluable for our detectives to contact citizens directly to obtain vital details. We encourage you to fill in this information in case we need to contact you. Your information will remain confidential.
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